The Lighter Side: Living “Email In Real Life”

Timereaction was founded on two simple premises; there has to be a more productive way to manage workflow, and that email is an ineffective way to collaborate within a global environment. We’re not naive to believe that email will disappear overnight, but there have been some tremendous advances including tools like Slack who’s incredible rise in popularity gives hope that the general public is catching on.

On the other side of the coin, you have articles like John Brandon‘s post in Inc. titled “Why email will be dead by 2020” , or IDC posting metrics in  “The Intelligent WorkSpace” whereby the average worker spends 13 hours per week reading and answering emails, 8.8 hours searching for information, and 6.4 hours communicating & collaborating with team members”.

While we have staked our claim that email is becoming less relevant, we at times tend to take ourselves too seriously. I saw this video in the Huffington Post by the comedy duo of Tripp and Tyler that illustrated what a day in the life might be like in their latest video, “Email in Real Life.”