Organizational Intelligence

“Organizational Intelligence” as defined by Aberdeen Group, is the intellectual capacity of an entire organization to act effectively and proactively. It is the application of supply chain intelligence concepts, including learning mechanisms, analytics, and the control tower approach.

It fosters cross­ functional alignment between management, teams, departments, and embedding intelligent organizational cultures and workflows into the corporate DNA.

“77% of leading companies, with some to high levels of automation, embed supply chain metrics for risk and global trade into top management goals and compensation.”

In Aberdeen Groups recent visibility report, Supply Chain Visibility and Segmentation:Control Tower Approach. 85% of companies indicate that they plan to increase their current level of end-to- end supply chain visibility.The research also reveals that the increase in the number of suppliers,customers,carriers,and countries of trade is changing the importance of collaborative synchronization between all parties in the multi-tiered global supply chain.