A factories point of view -Bangladesh


‘Timereaction’ is a modern technology-based application which is very helpful to run our communication without traditional e-mails. It’s much effective in our office work daily. We can get all information, approvals, comments, and production schedule through this application. ‘Timereaction’ is effective in the apparel sector including factories, trading companies, buying agents & liaison offices are concerned.

As an old user, I really appreciate ‘Timereaction’ which is the friendliest application I’ve ever used. We can work from home through this application on any device which is a new experience indeed.

In any situation, we’ve to continue our work to run & lead the business & ‘Timereaction’ makes it happened so easy. I would like to request to my co-workers in apparel sector to explore the details of this application.

I would like to share a few metrics of this application as follows:

1. A collaborative workflow which manages communication without e-mails & spreadsheets.

2. It decreases traditional e-mails volume and saves our priceless time.

3. It reduces cycle time of working teams for keeping all information on track.

4. It’s a transparent workplace.

5. It reduces employees’ working stress and improve their performance.

6. It saves countless hours from managing spreadsheets & e-mails.

7. A desire to change the way we work; work from any place with any device requires an innovative tool and ‘Timereaction’ makes it a reality.

8. Each & every point of communication to lead & run the business is bundled into one application.

9. It’s a modern technology which can be used from anywhere and on any device. Also, management can see & evaluate the order progress situation precisely and transparently from anywhere.

10. ‘Timereaction’ can play a vital role during crisis period like pandemic.

11. ‘Timereaction’ can lead the new business era as a classic tool.

12. The most magnetic & magic point of ‘Timereaction’ is we can find out any related information within seconds by just one click. Moreover, ‘Timereaction’ updates & adapts the business’ culture based on requirements which changes through the time demands.

I wish the tremendous progress of ‘Timereaction’ day by day which proves a real solution of modern apparel business.