The Knowledge Economy

We all agree that we are working in a knowledge economy and organizations are striving to create an empowered workforce, with the in-house knowledge capital being critical for a company’s operations and performance, not to mention innovation and competitive advantage. Organizations are focusing on how to improve business operations, bring down costs of servicing customers and reduce time-to-market for new products and services.

Workflow automation, straight-through processing, paperless environment, service oriented architecture and multi-channel integration and distribution are a few key initiatives that companies pursue to meet their goals and objectives. Social media and networking is a paradigm shift that is changing the way an organization interacts with its ecosystems of customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

The shift to Cloud-based platforms can offer high performance response times to ensure users do not notice lag time when using the application. In addition to the security measures enforced by the application, the proposed solutions must present comprehensive security measures. In a