It’s time to start protecting your company’s assets.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients’ suppliers today that started me thinking about Timereaction, and how it can protect your company’s interests.

We have always looked at the value to our clients, where Timereactions’ ability to track every event or message is logged, providing a bullet-proof audit trail. Where the problem starts is that they always seem to shift the responsibility to you, as the supplier, and look for discounts or expediting the shipment. When an order is placed, do they give you enough time to complete the order? Does their team give you the tech pack, trim or approve fabric quick enough? Are samples not being approved on time, or is their buyer taking too long, or asking for another sample? Timereaction clearly tells you all of this as soon as an order is placed, and they have as much responsibility as you do to complete their tasks on time, and not always blame you.

It’s time to protect your company’s interests. Timereaction monitors and manages all communication and all events with all your clients so that you can finally take control. It’s time that you work as a team, on even terms, so that the goal is to deliver on time, without penalizing you if either party isn’t respecting their responsibility.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Timereactions’ functionality, take a look at our short minute functionality video. It’s time to protect yourself and your company. It’s time to stop reacting.

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