March 25th Webinar – Hosted by the Canadian Apparel Federation

On March 25th our friends at the Canadian Apparel Federation were nice enough to sponsor a Webinar on our behalf, and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. Over 40+ people a wide variety of business sectors, from small Shoe manufacturers to big-name Fashion designers turned up to see how Timereaction‘s unique Workflow Management and Collaboration solution could help their business flourish.

Timereaction’s #1 goal is to provide your entire Supply Chain with a unique toolset to facilitate your day-to-day job. Whether you’re a Production Manager located in Montreal or a Factory Manager stationed in India, everybody benefits. The current state of the Supply Chain is, for lack of better words, messed up. It’s a free-for-all, and everybody stands around hoping (and pretending) that they’re all on the same page, but there are too many factors up in the air. Am I using the latest spreadsheet? Am I opening the newest attached document?

Supply Chain? More like Supply Unchained, am I right? But I digress..

Since this Webinar was such a success (in my opinion), I felt it only fair to let everybody else take a look at how Timereaction is becoming the prime solution to help Supply Chain-based businesses struggling with the issues of miscommunication and outdated spreadsheets. So swing on by and take a peek at a recorded version of the Webinar, and let us know what you think.

(Also, don’t forget to use the Promo code CAF1 to save up to 10% off of your purchase!)