The Future Of Manufacturing

 The Capabilities of Future Manufacturers

To make  the most  of the new  opportunities, manufacturers  will  need to  quickly  overcome  current operational  challenges. Manufacturers will need to completely rethink their business model: the way they  source  raw  materials,  the  way  they  design  products,  the  way  they  manufacture  and  fulfill customer orders, and the way they engage with employees.

Collaborative Organizations

People  will be at the  center  of the manufacturing  of the future  as they  provide  the  flexibility  and decision-making capabilities  that are required to deal with increasing  globalization,  complexity,  and competition.

Manufacturers  will  better streamline  business  processes  by reinforcing communities of shared  dialogues  between employees and  their  trading  partners.

Speed of Business

Speed of business will be enabled by unrelenting change management capabilities, fast pace of innovation  and knowledge sharing, better  customer insight, and real-time  supply  chain and manufacturing visibility, enabling companies to react to customer needs and market trends before their competitors.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility will be at the core of future manufacturers’ strategies. Having a full picture of supply, demand, and capacity across all levels of their supply chain will enable future manufacturers to get  trading partners working together more effectively, stimulate collaboration, maximize responsiveness, and improve performance