Timereaction Honored to Receive First Review on Clutch!

While businesses focus their attention on their consumers, taking the time to sort internal communications can easily be forgotten. However, just as important external output is, so is the internal management of a company. Without proper internal team work, a company will not be able to reach their fullest potential.

But, figuring out how to improve productivity can be a difficult question. That’s why we’re here. With Timereaction, our clients can collaboratively work together to manage and track the supply chain for their product and management teams. Since our application is dedicated specifically to bettering the work experience of our clients, we are always pleased to hear back from them regarding their experience working with us.

In line with this, we are honored to receive our first review on Clutch! Clutch is a DC-based B2B platform that uses client reviews and rankings to list top firms in different industries. 

Our first review on Clutch comes from a jeans manufacturing company in Canada. They used our services in order to manage and track their production process. They wanted to simplify the communication process from numerous emails to something that would be simple, efficient, and effective. With our application, the results were clear and successful.

“It helped us tremendously because we have 20-30 people that use it. Before, we had emails between everyone and about ten different factories. So the coordination for the purchase of raw material, fabric, patterns, and trims were all over email. For just one pair of jeans, there may have been 100 emails and then we had to track the product’s progress. So, this new system cut down on the time and resources it takes to make any given product.” -President, Apparel Company

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