Timereaction: Rethinking Information

Hessie Jones wrote a series that articles in the Huffington Post that profiled four companies who have developed technologies that are not only responding to this data shift, but are paving the way for businesses to rethink how they manage and measure information and communication in order to remain competitive.

“Efficiency. Agility. The new competitive advantage. The conditions of increasingly networked markets, the pummelling volume of unstructured discussions, plus an increasingly unstable global economy are forcing companies to adapt quickly with less resources. What complicates this is the increasing reliance on extracting meaning from the real-time information and applying “rapid-learning“ strategies to replace those traditional three-year plans.”

The brisk consumer adoption of disruptive technologies that has allowed discussion to scale at indomitable proportions inevitably (and it’s happening already) forces organizations to keep pace. It’s the result of progress: increasing automation that will allow companies to become more adaptive and remain competitive.

Social Business, a necessary evolution brought out by market conditions where, as per Dave Gray, “… customers are connecting, forming networked communities that allow them to rapidly share information and self-organize into powerful interest groups also brings with it a necessary transformation within an organization.“ No longer can we apply traditional methodologies and practices to respond to an increasingly customer-controlled marketplace.

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